Swallowing Shit - Anthology (Cover Artwork)

Swallowing Shit

Anthology (2000)

G7 Welcoming Committee


Swallowing Shit formed in 1994 in Winnipeg and their career didn't last long; in fact they were prohibited to go on playing shows in their town becasue of their political beliefs and the "violence" of their music, so, their last show occurred in 1997 at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg, and they had to split up.

In this CD you will find all the songs Swallowing Shit ever released, as it includes their two seven-inches and all the comp tracks they ever recorded; just to let you know what you will find, there are about 21 songs spread over 16 tracks for a total of 17min35sec of pure screaming, blistering grindcore. With titles like "Burn Winnipeg to the Fucking Ground", "I May Be P.C. ( whatever the fuck that means ), but you're A Goddam Poseur", "I Heard Songs About Animal Right Aren't Cool Anymore", "Christian Metal = Nazi Reggae" and the smash hit "If Assholes Could Fly, This Place Would Be An Airport", when you buy this record, Swallowing Shit will become the most hated band by your parents. Althought the group is sadly defunct, it is still alive under other forms, as some ex-members of Swallowing Shit now play in other punk/grind bands: Todd plays bass for Propagandhi, Mike sings for Head Hits Concrete, Cory plays drums for Malefaction and Jahmeel sings and plays guitar for The Projector. I can only thank "God" that there are labels like G7 Welcoming Committee that produce bands like these (be sure to check out the band Malefaction who are also on G-7 and are in the same vein as Swallowing Shit).