Underhills - What Went Wrong (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


What Went Wrong (2005)

Cabana 1

For the Underhills, What Went Wrong is a reminiscent look into their past; a short time ago the band broke up, but with their amps cranked up and the fire back in their hearts they have reunited. Unfortunately, this positive story of an urge to play music is hampered by an all too familiar sound. From the opening chords in "You're Sorry" to the closing moments of "Now That You're Gone," you find yourself locked into a crisper version of Screeching Weasel's Boogadaboogadaboogada.

The songs are not nearly as short or memorable, but they do possess traits that help them stand out in their own right. The lengthier cuts than the norm in this genre leave plenty of room to expand, with the option of boredom as well. Thankfully it's the former, as the pessimistic "It's Over (Now)" packs in a number of Queers-style pop-punk into one track.

The Underhills are obviously talented at the genre they have taken up, but it is undoubtedly populated by a plethora of musicians, leaving little room for achievement without applying a serious spin on the genre.