Stavesacre/Denison Marrs - Split EP (Cover Artwork)

Stavesacre / Denison Marrs

Split EP (2001)

Velvet Blue Music

The nice thing about great bands is their truly distinct sound. While there is no conceivable way to not recognize a Bjork or U2 song, other bands seem to punch the same ticket. Fortunately, there is Stavesacre who has been around the indie music scene for so long making original music.

After listening to the new material on this split, one question lingers: Why are there only 3 songs here? In true Stavesacre fashion, the music grabs you and leaves you wanting more. "Sad Parade" and "Night Town" move in the direction of their last release, "Speakeasy." It seems that each release takes a step in a new direction shedding misnomers (Tool-esque comparisons, etc.) along the way. The transition always seems to be comfortable. No need to cry over this and put old releases on to sooth the pain (Not that this doesn't happen to me often with other bands…). The formula here is intelligent, passionate and dynamic music.

Rounding out the split is Denison Marrs. They are the epitome of moody ethereal sounding music. If you don't know what I am talking about, pick up one of their CDs. Fans of DM will not be disappointed with the 3 tunes here.

Since this is a limited edition release (on a good new label) and probably only a blip on the music map, it will still remind the Stavesacre/Denison Marrs faithful how much we really do enjoy these bands.