Dead Letter Dept. - Dead Letter Dept. (Cover Artwork)

Dead Letter Dept.

Dead Letter Dept. (2001)


Dead Letter Dept (formerly the Stiffs) are a Canadian band with a helluva debut EP. I like to describe their sound as a "pop-punk with balls", or maybe "punk smacking pop in the teeth". Whatever you call them ,it doesn't change the fact that they rock. 5 fast, pop-punk songs with some hilarious titles, well-written lyrics, a cool voice, and excellent musicianship, all produced by the man himself, Mr. Mass Giorgini. What else could you possible want? My favorite song is "I'll never get to go fuck the world". It's catchy as hell and has an infectuos lead guitar part. They don't sound like Blink or Weasel, but instead have a pop-punk sound all their own. If I were you, I'd head on over to and get this gem before Dead Letter Dept. huge.