The Frankenburies - Devil's Punchbowl (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Frankenburies

Devil's Punchbowl (2005)


This band is sweet. Rip-roarin', zombie frontin', fast and snotty. Oh, and throw in a few metal riffs too. Actually, I think I should start this review by saying that the first track, "The Brainless," has a a chorus of "I don't wanta zombie to eat my brain / I don't want to be a braindead zombie." Yep. I told you this band was sweet.

The Frankenburies take lots of influence from 80's hardcore and punk in general. And zombie movies. I mean, in the song "Dead Alive," they reference the title of "Night Of The Living Dead." They also win points for having the snarliest vocals I've heard in a long time. I could end the review there. Zombies and fast music. It's well executed. What's not to like? Plus, their name is a pun based around my favorite obscure cereal.

Not convinced? Let's examine the song titles, shall we? "Teenage Monster." "Halloween." "Death Soda." "Creepshow." "Bag Of Heads." "Bloody Murder." "Great Pumpkin." And my favorite, "Mama Turned Into A Zombie." There you have it. How can you not like this band?

Well, I guess that maybe you need more convincing. They end the CD with a live cover of Iron Maiden's "Number Of The Beast." There you have it. Now get out of my face.