Green Day - Kerplunk! (Cover Artwork)

Green Day

Kerplunk! (1992)


ah yes.. I remember it as if it were 9 years ago. It was the begining of a new school year and I was a very happy grade 3 student (and excited since my b-day was coming up). One day, my huge-music-fan teacher said that the next thing that we would be doing was a lip-sync. So we all got put in our groups and all was good except... being 9 years old we didnt exactly go home and listen to our hundreds of records. We were told that we had to choose a song by the end of the week so we could present it the next friday. Of course i suppose my teacher thought that everyone would be doing cute little dances to some of our parents old music. As soon as i got home i told my mom all about what we had to do and she pulled out the old Beatles records. She picked out her favourite song and recorded it onto a tape for me. Naturally i didn't know anything about music so i didn't care what it was. The next morning i woke up all excited cuz it was my birthday and i was a whole 9 years old! only 7 more years til i can drive i thought. I came down the stairs and my step brother (R.I.P.) was waiting for me with a little square thing wrapped in paper. He gave it to me and told me to use it for my project. Then he told me not to show mom the cover. I unwrapped it as i walked to school. i ripped off all the wrapping to see a picture of a girl holding a gun in her hand. It said "Green Day" on the top and "Kerplunk!" on the bottom. Of course i thought i was the coolest kid around then since I owned my very own tape. I got to school and we picked our song. We used "2000 Light Years Away" cuz it was the first one on the tape. After listening to that tape over and over and over it finally wore out just in time for my step bro to buy me "Dookie" on cd.

This album like most of the early Green Day stuff is full of fast and catchy pop punk brilliance. If you enjoyed Dookie or even Insomniac then you will love this one. I give this one a perfect 5 stars because it is what really got Green Day going and it is what got me into music and punk rock.