Further Seems Forever - The Moon Is Down (Cover Artwork)

Further Seems Forever

The Moon Is Down (2001)

Tooth & Nail

Since I started the United Front some time ago there hasn't been a release thats moved me or that I recommend more than Further Seems Forever's "The Moon Is Down". I think its a real shame that many people aren't familiar with these guys, but this is the number reason why I run the United Front, to let people know artists and to try to expose them as much as I can. "The Moon Is Down" has been out for a few months now but I delayed this review on purpose because I wanted to make sure that this reviews 100% perfect to me. For those who don't know, Further Seems Forever is the band that Chris Carabba was in before he left them to focus full time with his project, Dashboard Confessional. Before this album was recorded Chris had left the band, but he agreed to record this album regardless.

The first time anyone (including me) heard Further Seems Forever was on the compilation "Emo Diaries Vol. 4". The band contributed the song, "Vengeance Factor". I can still remember my reaction to hearing the song, I literally slapped myself silly, the song was just so amazing. Great emotional lyrics, and powerful arrangements make this song one of my favorites of all time.

After I heard that song I searched for all info that I could on this band. Who was this Further Seems Forever? How were they this good? I wanted to own everything that this band had out. I found out that the only other release the band had was a split c.d. with the band Recess Theory in which FSF contributed three new songs. I immediately purchased the c.d. and once again was amazed by the quality of the songs. I must have listened to the three song a thousands times and I still listen to it a few times a week if not even more. It wasn't even funny how the band's tracks blew the Recess Theory's songs out of the water.

Shortly after the split c.d. came out, I received a c.d. from Drive Thru Records under the title of "Dashboard Confessional". I put the c.d. into my player (neglecting to read the bio first). Then I heard it..."I'm missing your bed, I never sleep.....", it was Chris from Further Seems Forever, and he had a solo project! I was so amazed at the song, "Screaming Infidelities" and the whole rest of his album "The Swiss Army Romance". Chris Carabba could not write one damn bad song even if he tried. My feelings were mixed if whether Further Seems Forever or Dashboard Confessional was better, but after hearing this first full length (and sadly last album with FSF) I've come to the conclusion that Further Seems Forever is so much more better than any music Chris has done with Dashboard Confessional. By me making this statement , you definitely know that this is one incredible band/album in order to get up the balls to make that statement. Once this album came out and I heard it, I was once again amazed and I was also crushed at the same time. I am always thinking what could have been. The music contained on "The Moon Is Down" is quite possibly the greatest music I have ever heard in my life.

The songs strike such a chord with me it really makes think very hard that this could be the music for a generation. This is the kind of music that makes you breathe harder and lives inside your soul and stays with you forever. The raw emotion that is conveying is mind boggling. Its amazing that a person can combine it all into a piece of music like Chris Carabba can.

"Wearing Thin" is a rollercoaster opener thats one of the most powerful songs on "The Moon Is Down". The songs tempo jumps throughout the song. At the very end, the song fades out and you can hear the main chorus of "Justice Prevails", ("Found you with him again, found about everything, and you can deny this all you want.........") from the Recess Theory split and its quite hunting to hear, but it always gives me goosebumps when I hear it every time. The c.d. contains one old song, "News Year Project" which was on the split c.d. with Recess Theory. Its an exact same version of the song from the split down to the bone. The song is amazing! It starts very slow and eventually builds up a climax thats a treat to listen to every time. I swear, I have never heard someone like Chris belt out more emotion in all the music I have ever heard in my life. Its just incredible what he brings to the table in all songs.

If that wasn't enough the production is top notch. All tracks are well mixed and the bass is nice and heavy. Its a great c.d. to pump up, you cannot listen to this album at a low volume! After one listen to this album you will sweating profusely from all the emotion and powerful arrangements that are contained on "The Moon Is Down". A lot of people who have heard Dashboard Confessional know exactly what I'm talking about when I'm talking about all the emotion that Chris pummels out of his soul. Especially if you have heard the last song on his latest album, "This Bitter Pill" you can really hear it with him screaming at the end. In the song "Monchetti" he screams twice and let me tell you with the guitars added in I like that way better than "This Bitter Pill". At the end, all instruments end and he screams for about 3-4 seconds that always drive me with emotions I cannot explain, but they are wonderful.

Without question, this is a very special album. An album like this comes once in a moon (pardon the pun). Dashboard Confessional fans will like this no doubt, I cannot empathize that more! If you get this album and enjoy it as much as I have, please go out and tell all your friends!! Please!! People need to know about Chris' amazing work with Further Seems Forever. After hearing this album you will agree this is even better than Dashboard Confessional, and once again that says a lot!

I think its a crying shame that all the attention is on Dashboard Confessional and thats it, this album and the band needs to get out to the public!! FSF has gone on without Chris, and the band has acquired a new singer to take his place. I want to be fair because I have never heard the new singer sing the new songs, but I think its impossible to replace Chris Carabba. My one wish in life (I think about this every day) is that Chris would come back and record another album with the band. Now, I know Dashboard Confessional has been a huge success and all, but he doesn't even have to tour with them! (That would be awesome to see them live with him). Just make another album and then he can go back to Dashboard Confessional, thats it!

I did an interview with Chris Carabba shortly before Dashboard Confessional's newest album was released. "The Moon Is Down" was still not released, and if it had been I would've literally begged him to record again with the band, thats how emotional charged I am after hearing this! I still have his number, and I always feel like calling him up every day screaming at him, "RECORD ANOTHER ALBUM WITH FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!". I may be obsessive, but once again, this is an incredible album, so its justified.