RKL - Riches To Rags (Cover Artwork)


Riches To Rags (1994)


Matty Bredin

It boggles the mind that this album went so overlooked upon its release in 1994; maybe if it was released today on a label like Trustkill or Victory it would get some much deserved attention. This album is a cult classic; if you love it, you love it very much. Perhaps the lack of attention is due to a combination of interchanging members, laziness, and drug problems. Though they formed in the early 80's, this is only the second bonafide album they managed to release.

The album gets the shit kicking with "We're Back, We're Pissed." I can't explain how right on this song is; the trademark opening scream by Jason Sears combined with the metal-tinged riffs marry arguably the best percussion combination ever seen in punk rock. The bass -- it is so good, it puts Matt Freeman to shame. This album should appeal to anyone who demands originality with top notch musicianship, and the vocals push this album to the top of the metal / punk rock heap. "Will Knut" combines the rock melodies of Queen with the brute metal force of Avenged Sevenfold.

All the way to the album closer "Take Me Home" this album is classic. If you have never heard this album, try to download it, there's a good chance you'll never be able to find it in your record store. Epitaph Records, who released it in 1994, don't even have any copies for sale on their website. Know that if you get your hands on it, you are fortunate; not many are lucky enough to own this forgotten classic. You would be a dumbass if you're not proud to tease your oblivious metalhead friends with it.