Quest For Rescue - Asparagus (Cover Artwork)

Quest For Rescue

Asparagus (1995)


Ok....with most of the reviews on this site being of bands and albums most have heard of, I figured I would write a review of a band that is virtually unheard of on this side of the world....But are one of the most amazing, and talented bands I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.

Quest for Rescue is a german melodic punk band who, or at least I dont think have released any material this side of the atlantic. The band is well known for their playing of BMX festivals in their hometown (which the name escapes me right now), But, you can order Imports and other things from various mailorder stores in the states.

Anyway, back to the album... Asparagus is one of the best records I have ever heard. I first learned of this band back in 1997 when german friend of mine was staying with me for the summer and she informed me about them. I finally got my grubby little paws on the record and Ive been a HUGE fan ever since. The music is not very fast..there are 2 or 3 fast songs on the 11 track album....but slowed down it shows how talented the band really is. With very intelligent lyrics and an amazing singer, how can you not help but love this band.

The album starts it off with a pretty fast song titled "thoughts" which didnt really please me at first....but then after songs like "face down" "place to go" "as time goes by" and the slow, but amazing song "try", I was hooked to say the least. The only thing that sucks I just wish this band would release records and get more recognition here on our side of the world.

Anyway, to wrap it up great great record by what is I feel the most talented band to come from Germany, and one of the best in europe. If you cant find this in your local record store, you can go to and check out their QFR stuff.