Hit The Lights - Until We Get Caught (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Hit The Lights

Until We Get Caught (2005)

Silent Movie

Hit The Lights are a band that have a specific target audience. I am animatedly biased towards this genre of "mall punk," and if you are conscious of my past writing content, you are readily aware of this. I have been attempting to listen to these records with different ears and understand that their purpose goes beyond what I look for in music. On that note, Until We Get Caught is a decent debut for these Ohio-based musicians. The title track kicks things off much in the same vein of a more adolescent Drive Thru-era Movielife. Aside from the nasally vocals, the song still maintains tolerable with its strident guitars and typical but quality structuring.

From here on out, Hit The Lights fails to make a lasting impression. Each of the last four songs mesh together too seamlessly. "Save Your Breath," which is followed by "These Backs Are Made For Stabbing," both have solid and distinctive intros, but deteriorate in a territory fans of New Found Glory are quite familiar with. Their attempts at wit fail in both the lyrical department and song titles area; Fall Out Boy's efforts are not humorous and neither are these.

I did not simply want to write Hit The Lights off as easily as I could have, and with one last try I could speak of the potential available to captivate an audience of adolescent girls; however, is success a prospective outcome for a cover band?

Note: Triple Crown Records recently reissued Until We Get Caught.