Kid Dynamite/Grey Area/Voice In The Wire - live in New York (Cover Artwork)
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Kid Dynamite / Grey Area / Voice In The Wire

live in New York (2005)

live show

The weekend of 8/19-8/22 made me realize that I still fucking have it. Just when I thought "old-man syndrome" was finally kicking in and putting me down for the count, I get my life's second wind. 3 shows in 3 days in 3 states, plus a 6-hour drive to kick it all off. Giddy up mother fuckers.

After 2 days of Lifetime, I thought for sure I'd be through. But no fucking chance. I drove all this way for 1 reason: Kid motherfucking Dynamite. Lifetime was just an added bonus after Hellfest folded like Superman on laundry day.

After spending my afternoon losing money in Atlantic City, it was off to NYC. Driving down the Jersey Turnpike at 95 mph+, I opted to just drive into the city, park, and haul ass to CB's. Surprisingly, driving down FDR at 6:00pm I didn't encounter much traffic at all. I parked by Battery Park and cabbed my ass over to CBGB's just in time to wait in line. Yay.

After meeting some friends, (including Brian Punknews -- ain't cell phones a bitch, man?), we headed into the dank pit that is CBGB's. What a fucking dump. I felt right at home.

Take My Chances started the night out, and let me tell you, these kids have potential. Consisting of ex-members of Long Island faves Heads Vs. Breakers and the Backup Plan, they played a heavier brand of hardcore than their previous endeavors, but nonetheless impressed me. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to pick up their demo, but I imagine we'll be hearing from these guys soon.

Now, I must have missed something, but apparently the bearded fella singing with Voice In The Wire was not their original singer? Weird, this cat sounded just like the dude on the record. I don't really know their song titles, but they played a lot of shit from that record, and closed with a song they said would be on their next album. They also have a new bassist. This kid looks like he's 12, no shit. I was a little disappointed that Jay didn't come out and sing on the 2 songs he does vocals on on the record. They even performed one and he didn't come out. Meh.

Grey Area came next and just blew the fucking roof off. I mean Ernie was ready, and the crowd was ready to go along for the ride. I climbed on top of a box to try to film some of the set. Shit, with how insane that place went, I felt like I was trying to navigate a storm. My personal picks from the set were "Take My Chances," "Colossus," and the classic 7 Seconds tune, "Young 'Til I Die." Though I'd be full of shit if I didn't say the whole set didn't kick ass. 'Cause it did. I've heard some say Grey Area stole the show that night, and since I'm biased I can't negate that. But Kid Dynamite did close the evening...

I crawled onto the stage next to Dave W. with the help of another Richmonder I had seen the previous night at Lifetime (thanks Michelle). As the sound check began, I cut my miniDV on just in time to watch Dave do a few rounds on his kit. Then I hear a voice. "Dave, Dave, can you hear meeeeeeeaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy?"

"Dave, Dave, can you hear meeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?!?!?!?!?"

"Thank you goodnight." Hahahaha. Great song, now play some more motherfuckers. And did they ever.

The melodic-pogo intro of "Living Daylights" started and the crowd was in suspense. And as soon as it cut into full throttle, bodies were everywhere. A gallon of water came flying at the stage. Some kid almost pulled down one of the monitors. Crazy shit everywhere.

All of your favorites were played. You should have been there, though Dan wasn't doing many of the backing vocal parts, and Jay kept unplugging his guitar by accident. The second instance, during "Death And Taxes," he just said fuck it and dove into the crowd to assist Jay, face to face, with vocal duties.

At one point Dan asked for the head of the Hellfest promoter. Dan had been bitching about him all weekend. I don't blame him.

As always, the guys showed genuine concern for everyone in the crowd, making sure everyone thirsty got water, anyone pinned down could get out, and just looking out for everyone. A lot of these bands today could learn a thing or two about caring for your fans, or as Kid Dynamite will always refer to, their friends.

After the closer "Give 'Em the Ripped One" was finished, everyone wanted more. But by that token, we'd never want Kid Dynamite to stop playing, ever. We can hope for a reunion, but it won't happen. Just keep playing the occasional reunion show for good causes, and we'll be content.

Set list:

  • Living Daylights
  • Showoff
  • PhDecontrol
  • -----
  • Pause
  • KO5
  • Cheap Shot
  • Heart a Tact
  • -----
  • Table 19
  • Scary Smurf
  • Death + Taxes
  • -----
  • F U Turn
  • S.O.S.
  • Gooch
  • 2 for Flinching
  • -----
  • Zuko
  • Copout
  • Gate 68
  • Shiner
  • -----
  • News @ 11
  • Bookworm
  • Ripped One
Photo Credit: Jesse Deflorio of ForYourLensOnly