Boxer - Hurt Process (Cover Artwork)


Hurt Process (1998)


Ahhh good ol' Boxer... no longer together, but I feel the best band EVER on vagrant records. Boxer was the first band to put out a full length on this (at the time) very small virtually unknown label. and, one of the defining bands to put Vagrant on the map.

I first heard of this band in 1997, when a friend of mine who lives in boston, told me of this band he had seen play the night before opening for the mighty mighty bosstones..and they blew the bosstones off stage. And immeadiately my sterotypical ass thought they were ska.

But anyway, When I first heard the record for myself...I was blown away! Wasnt what I was expecting at all. From songs such as, "we don't like them girls" to "georgia" and "if you got em' smoke em" this entire album is just totally amazing.

Not entirely too much more I can say about this band, they didnt really get recognized nationally until their break up in late '99....but just trust me, if youre into stuff like Lifetime, Strike Anywhere, anything in that vein you will probably love Boxer. Very talented, Great lyrics, just all around great band.

Wish they were still here to kick some ass.