El Oso - Whichever Chapter Covers Now (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

El Oso

Whichever Chapter Covers Now (2005)


They are described as "One of Milwuakee's hardest-working bands…El Oso's songs experiment with just about every sub-genre of indie rock" by some guy from OnMilwaukee.com. To be honest, El Oso experiments with every indie rock cliché that I could ever imagine. I really don't like listening to a song and saying, "That was totally Braid…that part is Guided By Voices...ooh look! Jawbreaker!" Top that all off with over the top vocals and extremely quiet production that no matter what sounds like someone is playing the record in the next room over, and you've got El Oso's 2005 release.

It's not bad. I've heard so much worse. But I honestly can't tell if I'm still listening to the same song I was two minutes ago or if it's a new song. Everything sounds the same. What a poor, mediocre release. Nothing is new. Everything is recycled from a list of three or four influential indie groups. Ho hum, poor me. I still have to write more in this review otherwise people will say it's too short.

So how about that…local sports team? How about the weather? We've been having a freak heat wave. Yeah, I know, like in the upper 90s with 75% humidity. Me and my dad were spreading mulch in the planters outside my parent's house. Can you believe it? I had just gotten back into the states and he already put me to work and…what's that? Oh yeah, this record's still going. Yeah, it just went from Jets To Brazil to Jimmy Eat World. Yeah, I'm still tryng to ignore it. Okay, well you have a good day now. Be sure to say hi to your sister for me. Hey, maybe she'd want this thing. Naw, just take it. Not like anyone would be interested in buying it.