Capdown - Civil Disobedients (Cover Artwork)


Civil Disobedients (2000)

Household Name

Seeing as there was no review here I thought I better review what is one of the best cds to come out of the British Scene in the last few years.

Seeing as many yanks will have never have even heard of this band I'll give you a quick briefing. They're a British Punk band that mix Ska with Hardcore and are very very good at it! I'd say they're a kind of mix between link80 and Op Ivy but with a faster beat and the drums higher in the mix.

Songs like SkaWars mix laid back sax and more upbeat vocals while other songs preview Dub, Drum and Base and even a little bit of Hip Hop on Bitches and Nike Shoes (tongue in cheek of course)

This album is almost perfect from start to finish the raw recording really helps to get accross the energy used in their performances. This won't be the last you hear of this band. They're already one of the fastest rising bands in the UK.

Where Capdown really excel is when performing live. Hopefully they'll hit the states later this year so you can see what your missing.

(if you can't track down the album you can get a taster off