30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

30 Seconds To Mars

A Beautiful Lie (2005)

Virgin / Immortal

On the first record I created a world, then hid behind it. With 'A Beaitful Lie,' it was time to take a more personal and less cerebral approach. Although this record is still full of conceptual elements and thematic ideas it is ultimately much more wrapped around the heart than the head. It's about brutal honesty, growth, change. It's an incredibly intimate look into a life that is in the crossraods. A raw emotional journey. A story of life, love, death, pain, joy, and passion. Of what it is to be human.
I could not think of a more pretentious and jerky way of viewing your own music. But what do you really expect from Jared Leto? I prefer my music to be made by musicians rather than movie stars. Regardless, this steaming pile of bullshit has nothing to do with punk, indie, hardcore, or anything else tied into this website. I've actually stumbled upon something that is less relevant to this website than my Wu-Tang review.

30 Seconds To Mars is nothing more than shitty, modern radio rock fodder. This is nothing new, it never will be, and it will sell thousands of copies. Why? Because the American public is full of dumbshits who have no clue about music, and this guy is a movie star. There are plenty of other crossover movie stars into the music industry. And that's exactly how I view this band. Yes, it is true, I put 30 Seconds To Mars on the same level as Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan and all those.