Public Access - Fleeced (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Public Access

Fleeced (2005)

Pocketful of Change

Public Access' newest effort Fleeced is a solid little ska-punk offering. Since there's a slight misdirection with a hardcore sound blended into its early goings only to quickly let more rock tones take over later on, it doesn't quite seem to provide just what the band is going for, but as far as the skank goes, it's a mostly fun six-song EP.

There's a definite Voodoo Glow Skulls influence running through the EP, but without the cheesy circus punk vibe and vocals a bit more comprehensive. Still, with a track like opener "Hit Single" we're offered ragged and rough singing at the verses, with a catchy chorus and some interesting chords going on in the bridge. When the guitars are playing standard chords, they really fall victim to the recording quality and sound rather muddled, dragging down the EP considerably. Things seem to work better when the band relies on flowing upstrokes and tucked-in, cloudy horns, both of which are evident in "Piss On Pity." "God Save The Scene" is a standout with a surfy bass solo in its early goings, distorted talk-singing for a verse inquiring the problems of the title's main subject, and bouncy horns in its second half with another guitar solo looking to 60's rock'n'roll -- a bit in the ironic sense, but it works. "Dead Sexy" tries some more melodic harmonies, and the band isn't too bad at them.

Fleeced is by no means overwhelming, but it's apparent that Public Access seems to be getting a handle on the style, and has the ability to put out some surefire ska-punk anthems in the future.