Lightning Bolt - Ride the Skies (Cover Artwork)

Lightning Bolt

Ride the Skies (2001)


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Since 1995 Lightning Bolt(from Fort thunder in providence,ri) has been hammering out molten riff coupled with searing volume. What started out as a three piece, with a singer, now is pared down to a duo. Hisham, the vocalist (heard on the track from LOAD 011 Repopulation Program) is now the drummer for Black Dice.

In the years in between Lightning Bolt has refined their attack and sounds increasingly intricate. Able to turn a riff on a dime into a breakneck tunaround. Although the band has songs, they are at heart an improvisational band. Many shows begin with them set up and waiting to go, racing off on the last note of the band before them with no break in between. They take an element of the song and work it into their set.

Ride the Skies is the bands masterwork. Since its release in February 2001 it has earned a lot of attention. It should... The record proves they are the loudest band in the world. The bass rig is rumored to be 3200 watts. It is the most complicated and intricate music imaginable played with hockey gloves and masks. Wrapped in layers of mystery, this band makes your silly "heavy" music stylings seem like the work of children. "Saint Jacques" is a mind blowing stew of hyper kinetic drumming and bass blurt of unbelievable power and intricacy.

    Track list
    2.Saint jacques
    3.13 monsters
    4.Ride the sky
    5.The Faire Folk
    6.Intu the mist 2
    7.Wee ones parade