I Spy - Perversity Is Spreading...It's About Time! (Cover Artwork)

I Spy

Perversity Is Spreading...It's About Time! (1998)

G7 Welcoming Committee

Fuck off, a personal history is needed. I got into I Spy through Propagandhi. Todd (also known as the Rod to some, but not me) was the lead singer of I Spy, and the bass player and one of the singers in Propagandhi. After getting into this CD, and I don't mean having it in heavy rotation for a week, I mean sitting down with the booklet, rocking out to it with friends, rocking out to it all alone, and rocking out to it while reading millions of sites on the Internet trying to wade through self-righteous left and right people propaganda.

Okay, I'm done with that shit. What was the point? Basically that I'm not a master at whatever-the-fuck genre this is. This is I Spy. This is an "anthology" of theirs. It's all their recorded shit in one package. The music's called "grindcore" I hear. Whatever. It's a bunch of skids from Buttfuck, Nowhere, mighty pissed off about the entire world, and refusing to be a part of any of the shit they see around them. Todd barks out lyrics about all those bad bad things in the world (capitalism, slavery, genocide, sit-coms) while the band plays raw and fast as hell. Well, okay, they play slow sometimes, and the barking becomes slurred mumbling and is sometimes coherent yelling. I think Todd sings on a song or two as well. It's quite pretty.

Personally, I like to go fucking apeshit crazy with a bunch of people. However, I hate bands that are full of attitude, take themselves way too seriously, are macho dickheads, and fucking hypocrites. So I Spy rocks because it's going crazy while hating animal cruelty and the objectification of women (for those not in the know, that's the best kind of rocking). You also won't feel like you're listening to a band who is all talk and no rock about politics. So it's inspiration for you to stop being that armchair anarchist you are. I listen to this CD more than Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes, and therefore it has to be fucking awesome. Logic has forced me to give the disc a good rating.

Oh yeah, it has that sort of unpolished, raw, gritty, sound (much like this review, fuck doing slick reviews for music that isn't slick).

this music saved my life, so I'll be dead and fucking gone before it's bought and sold, just like appliances and cars