Various - Plea For Peace/ Take Action (Cover Artwork)


Plea For Peace/ Take Action (2001)

Sub City

Wow, this is my first review so dont jump on me if it isnt great. but i got this cd the other day and have listened to it a lot and love it. I would have to say that this is one of the most diverse comp. cd's ever. Plus more than half of the songs are unreleased, rare or live tracks. It starts out with Alkaline trio and this is one great song, it has a nice melody and is very catchy. The next song is Hot water Music, now im not the biggest fan of them but the gitaur is really good. a couple songs after it is Thrice, and this song is one of my favorites on the cd. the AFI song is like every other AFI song so it isnt anything special. the Lawrence arms have a good song.... well just about all of the songs are great. the highlights for this cd for me are Good Riddance, the Dillinger Escape Plan's live version of "the mullet burden", At The Drive-In's song, and the Strike Anywhere song. This cd covers just about all types of punk and is a must have for a fan of music.