Nation Of Ulysses - 13-Point Program To Destroy America (Cover Artwork)

Nation Of Ulysses

13-Point Program To Destroy America (1991)


Let's get a few things out of the way before this review really goes anywhere. I like this record better than Plays Pretty For Baby. If I were to recommend one record by NOU (this is what us cool kids call Nation Of Ulysses, by the way) it would definitely be this one. Never mind that I've never heard the Embassy tapes, I'm going to pretend my opinion has merit.

So then how to review this? What kind of audience reads a Nation Of Ulysses review? Since my friends only know Nation Of Ulysses through me, and only really like the song "Diphtheria" off this CD (solely for the reason that the word 'diphtheria' gets screamed repeatedly), I don't know where they stand. So I'll write with no target, and write what I think.

This is NOU's first record. It would fall under the stupid label "punk," and perhaps "indie." People who I would probably find annoying would call it "noise-rock." They can't play their instruments too well. The lead singer (I'm not cool enough to know his name) can't sing too well. They have a fun, snobby attitude, and write nice manifestos in the little CD booklet that accompanies the album (it's like Refused but with humour and without the self-righteousness). To me, there really only is one reason why this CD will rock your socks off: NOU's energy. There are other nice things as well. Sure, in the song "Diphtheria" they scream "diphtheria" over and over again (followed by "ON THE ROAD TO HELL!"), there is that trumpet that pops up every now and then that people call a "jazz influence" (to me it sounds like a trumpet, and nothing more on the majority of the songs; at least no one's calling it a ska influence).

When I listen to this record, I want to have a seizure. To me, this record isn't really a battle cry for revolution, but it is a sonic revolution in its own right. I challenge you to listen to NOU and lead on your life as normal. I bet that your ass will be shaking, and you'll be screaming along that soul is back. You feel fucking stylin' as hell as you do this too. However, you'll probably be the only one who thinks so.

I'm probably missing the point. If so, I don't apologize, and preferably, you would fuck off and die. It's punk music with energy, and it's punk music about change. There's also a trumpet. Bottom line, I quite like it.