The Queers/Black Tie Bombers/Team Stray - live in Cincinnati (Cover Artwork)

The Queers / Black Tie Bombers / Team Stray

live in Cincinnati (2005)

live show

Ricky Thomas

Tonight was a special night for the people in Cincinnati, as the Queers were playing a special one-off show to get ready for their double stay at Bernie's in Columbus to record their live album in 2 weeks (even being joined by original singer Wimpy for a set of all the old songs).

First up was 2 Inch Winky. They played fast, 3-chord (sometimes less) punk in the vein of Day Late And Dollar Short-era Queers meets the Nobodys. Catchy, and full of many "fuck yous," 2 Inch Winky was entertaining and played a solid set. Apparently this may have been their last show, and if that's true, it was a great way to go out.

Second was Team Stray. Team Stray plays 3-chord pop-punk similar to a poppy Screeching Weasel meets the Mr. T Experience. While it can be argued that this style is overdone and I would agree, Team stray was not only good, they were super catchy and had lots of charisma and just seemed to geniuinly enjoy being there. I think they would have played the same for 3 people as opposed to the 300 or so that were there. They were solid despite some technical difficulties, and I recommend checking them out.

Next were the Black Tie Bombers. They are an up and coming band from Cincinnati who seem to be making a big name for themselves throughout the Midwest. While they definitely were the odd band out on this bill, they definitely didn't seem to care, and neither did the crowd. They played more of a gritty, fast melodic punk rock sound, with a very Midwestern feel. While onstage they were goofy, partially naked, gross, spit way too much and talk a lot of shit, when they get down to it they play more serious-minded songs with definite political undertones, and played surprisingly tight. They also played a great cover of the Gin Blossoms' classic "Hey Jealousy," which they said is on their new album. They had a large crowd there for them, and there were many people moving and singing along, and if you're into it I definitely suggest checking them out. Plus, they had a song called "I Killed Elliott Smith," which seemed to get a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Finally, what everyone was waiting for: the Queers! This time it was still Phillip on bass (from the Teen Idols) and a new guy named Dave on the drums. This was an awesome set because it was getting prepared for the live shows, so they played many songs I hadn't heard in years and some I've never heard live. They played "Debra Jean," "Booberella," "I Hate Your Fucking Guts," "Burger King Queen" and "I Like Young Girls" amongst others. They also played all the classics, 2 Ramones covers ("Rockaway Beach" and "Rock'n'Roll Radio"), and a Screeching Weasel cover (you can guess which one). Something I've noticed is that certain bands bring everyone out of the woodwork and make them feel like they are young again, back when they were probably less jaded and a much better person. I saw people at this show that I hadn't seen in years singing along to every word, and it was well deserved. The Queers played for a little over an hour and never slowed down, and didn't noticeably slip up once.

Whether or not you're a fan, used to be a fan or don't even care for them, if the Queers come to your town, check them out. They are a classic band who still sound great and are still writing great songs. This was a very enjoyable night with 4 solid bands. I even looked up links for y'all if interested: