Errortype:11 - amplified to rock (Cover Artwork)


amplified to rock (2000)


Ahhhh the joy of discovering new bands, Not that et:11 is new or anything...I just have never really heard any of their material up until a couple of weeks ago............

I found myself snooping around in a record store looking through the used Cds (best place to get em you know), And I ran upon this. After I thought long and hard for about it, I decided to pick this up.

But enough about my trip to the record store, Needless to say I really fuckin regret not paying much attention to this band until now. For the 2 weeks I have had this has yet to leave my CD player, And I always seem to find myself with these songs stuck in my head.'s THAT good folks.

The record starts it off with an asskicker called "better than the superbowl" then continues with "selective communication" but slows it down a bit with "recollections of 31st and 6th". Hell, Im not going to give a play by play of the album, But the enitre record is just one big rollercosater of sounds....It perfectly blends elements of hardcore, punk, emo and good ol' rock n' roll into one unique record.

I feel this is the best musical discovery I have made this year. I have listened to punk and hardcore music for about 11 years now.....and let me tell you some of the crap out today gets really old really fast. Its the same repetitive sound over and over...not the case with ET:11, Im glad there are great bands like this to experiment a little and give us a new, awesome sound. Its very difficult to explain them so I wont....I will leave it to your imagination.

Well, all in all this 9 song 55 minute masterpiece Is quickly becoming one of my favorite records I have heard in a long time. I highly suggest you check this band out...I kinda feel they are underated, being the fact you dont hear a hell of a lot about a band this talented. Give em a chance you will be suprised...