Various - Virus 100: Dead Kennedys Covers (Cover Artwork)
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Virus 100: Dead Kennedys Covers (1992)

Alternative Tentacles

Making a tribute album is a difficult task to undertake; there is always the risk of doing more harm than good to the legacy of a lengendary band. The main problem is that the covers either cannot live up to the originals, or that they sound virtually identical to the originals, making their creation pointless and boring to listen to. And while not all the songs on this self-appointed tribute from Alternative Tentacles live up to their masterpiece counterparts, it still ranks as easily one of the best tribute albums of all time. Why? Because it was done in a way only AT could have: By getting a variety of bands all playing the songs almost completely different from the originals. This works MOST of the time on this release, and that's enough to warrant a purchase for any Dead Kennedys or AT fan.

We get everything from a brilliant Public Enemy-inspired cover of "California Uber Alles" by the Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy to an entertaining but kind of pointless, a capella version of "Forward To Death" performed by the legendary NoMeansNo. Jello obviously realized that in order for this release to work, he'd have to keep the album consistent and eclectic. French melodic punkers Les Thugs contribute an absolutely beautiful version of "Moon Over Marin;" their style fits the song perfectly, while the brutal Napalm Death blast through a barely recognizable version of "Nazi Punks Fuck Off!"

Other tracks include a rockin' version of "Too Drunk To Fuck" from Evan Johns & His H-Bombs, a suitably menacing "Saturday Night Holocaust" from Neurosis, and a LOUNGE version of "Let's Lynch The Landlord" from none other than Faith No More.

While some of the extremely experimental tracks kind of seem like failed attempts, overall this is a brilliant tribute album to one of hardcore punk's all-time greatest bands.