J. Page - Goodbye Chapel Hill (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

J. Page

Goodbye Chapel Hill (2005)

Nice Guy

One of the worst parts about new and upcoming bands is when they come with very impressive pedigrees, and fail to deliver on anything their former bands excelled at. I'm not going to call any current bands out on this, but we all know at least a few of them. Well, J. Page rise from the ashes of defunct bands As Friends Rust and the Scaries, and end up coming out as a less aggressive Hot Water Music.

The five-song EP Goodbye, Chapel Hill at times offers a lot of the scruffy vocals and vigor that have made Gainesville's finest so popular in the last 10 years. "Personal Space Invader" would feel right at home on The New What Next, and subsequently, it serves as the centerpiece of the album, and its strongest point of contention. The guitars aren't as loud and crashing as HWM would have them, but the essence of their music in general seems to be something very strongly instilled in this trio. But enough of that comparison, as J. Page are quite capable of holding their own footing, and not piggybacking onto another band's sound. Not every song on the EP features harsh, scruffy vocals, as "Dying Staying Here" is just a good, fun opportunity to sing along to some melodic punk rock. The group vocals help add some life and texture, but it still seems that the band is more at home when they're at their loudest.

Finishing things off with the rousing "Beer Me, Asshole," J.Page finish still putting their best foot forward. The chord progressions and drum fills are not the most complicated thing that you will ever hear, but it still has a solid amount of underlying complexity and musicianship that if nothing else deserves to be appreciated. The song and EP end strongly with a very powerful chorus and vocals with enough strength and conviction to go around.

Hot Water Music they are not. Rest assured, however, that J. Page are more than willing to give you a healthy piece of rock.