Q and Not U - No Kill No Beep Beep (Cover Artwork)

Q and Not U

No Kill No Beep Beep (2000)


There is no way to describe Q and Not U's "No Kill No Beep Beep," without using comparisons to narcotics.

With that said, this band has put out the best Dischord release since Rites Of Spring's "End On End." This suprisingly young band with an explosive and volatile stage show has grabbed this reviewer's attention in an odd curious way.

This record sounds like what the Get Up Kids have always needed. A little crack. With a little crack, the Get Up Kids might be able to pull of the snotty, urgent vocals or the angular start/stop musical structure or the bizarre, poisonous lyircs that Q and Not U are making themselves known for.

Not to say Q and Not U is completely weird. They maintain a phenomenal pop sensablilty and a somewhat cutsy sound, but manage not to drown in it,unlike other cheap emo rip offs that Vagrant seems content to shove down our throats.

Highlight tracks are sparce on this album because Q and Not U make it a point to say through the music that this is not 12 songs individually wrapped for a mix tape, but an intense package of beautifully bizarre rock, a swirling sonically pleasing disc that will satisfy the american syndrome inside yourself, and also feed the beast that is your desire for pop music.

By the way, your sister will think they're cute.