Babylon Circus - Dances Of Resistance (Cover Artwork)

Babylon Circus

Dances Of Resistance (2004)

Yelen Musiques

Babylon Circus are traditionally a reggae and ska band from Lyon, France. Mostly known for their energetic live shows, which last around the three to four houres, the band constantly tours Europe and Asia.

In their second real album, Babylon Circus stray from the traditional dub, reggae, ska and "chanson Francaise" of their first album, Au Marché Des Illusions. The CD starts with a great reggae/ska song, "Dances Of Resistance." Other standout tracks include "De La Musique Et Du Bruit" (with some great horns), "Musical Terrorism Act," "L'huile Su Le Feu" (where they venture into Mano Negra-style punk and come out in one whole piece) and "Mr.Clown," which includes a chorus that will be stiched to your brain for many weeks to come.

Singing both in English and French, this CD shows the incredible talent of this French band which gives traditional ska and reggae a whole new meaning. Not a new meaning in the sense of punk-ska-pop, but more in a way that you want to hear the songs over again and again and each new one brings you to some other place in the world. Even if you don't understand the lyrics, the music will lead you.