The New Amsterdams - Para Toda Vida (Cover Artwork)

The New Amsterdams

Para Toda Vida (2002)

Vagrant / Heroes & Villains

This is the sophomore effort coming straight from the lead singer of the infamous Get Up Kids. Para Toda Vida and the band in general goes after a different audience than that of any Get Up Kids album (besides maybe On A Wire). 'For Every Life' is an appropriate name for these 10 acoustic ballads.

If you were a fan of "Overdue" and "Hannah Hold On," then I'm really not sure why you were listening to the Get Up Kids in the first place. But, elaborating on that idea, if you did in fact like the slower Get Up Kids, chances are, you'll like this also. Matt Pryor, with Para Toda Vida, again shows him breaking down barriers and exploring ideas that he could never follow with a full band. Ninety percent of this album is solely Pryor without a keyboard, bassist etc. This is a very solid album; nothing seems to go wrong, but seemingly nothing stands out (with the exception being one or two songs). Soft, somber and subtle songs are what are contained here. So get ready for 10 "Overdue" songs. Which isn't exactly bad.

From start to finish, this isn't much of an inspirational album from the Get Up Kids of old. Matt's vocals aren't challenged, which isn't bad either, as I'm sure no one wants Matt to hit notes he in fact can't hit. "Overdue" would not fit perfectly, but rather "Hannah Hold On." All in all, it is a decent album. But there are only so many ways to play an accoustic guitar.