The Aquabats - Myths, Legends And Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2 (Cover Artwork)

The Aquabats

Myths, Legends And Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2 (2000)


This is the Aquabats' B-sides album. There are songs that never made it too far in the songwriting process, and are still in their lovely synthesizer form, and there are full out songs that just never made it to a CD or any shit like that. Let's get one thing clear though: It is the fucking Aquabats, and it is fucking awesome.

When I bought this CD, and the first song "Robot Theme Song" came on in my friend's car, I got ridiculed for liking something so stupid. Yes, it's true, my friends at the time sucked. It was a simple synthesizer beat that is fun to do a Dwarf sort of dance to. Fucking rad.

In my opinion, the three gems of the CD are "Pool Party," "Pizza Day" and "I Fell Asleep On My Arm." "I Fell Asleep On My Arm" is perfect when you have that embarrassing urge to listen to some shitty nü-metal, as it's a parody of that shit (Limp Bizkit, Korn and Kid Rock to be precise, maybe someone else, it doesn't matter). Apparently, the Bat Commander fell asleep on his arm, and he's angry about it. To ruin the ending for you, all the screaming and yelling got the circulation back into his arm and all the rage left him. YAY!

"Pizza Day" is a straight up old-school Aquabats song (a fancy way of saying it's actually a ska song). The chorus is catchy, and great for singing with friends on those long car trips. It's also fun as hell to reference the chorus in everyday conversations. People will think you're a loser, but fuck them. You'll be rocking out referencing the Aquabats, and they won't.

"Pool Party" has a synthesizer part that sounds like "Tom Sawyer" by Rush. Rush fucking sucks. "Pool Party" rocks it hard. It has a catchy chorus, the Bat C rapping for a bit, and oh so sexy female backing vocals. It's rad.

I don't know what else to say. Some songs don't totally rock out. I usually skip "Hey Luna," but that's probably only because "Pool Party" is next, and I can't stand the anticipation. I don't think I've ever sat there and truly enjoyed "Dear Spike," either; however, my memory is not what it used to be. The rest of it rocks out.

Oh, if you're not a fan of the Aquabats, this won't change your mind. You should also get over yourself, and realize that you would probably be a better person if you were a fan of the Aquabats.