Kill The Signal - Demo 2005 (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Kill The Signal

Demo 2005 (2005)


Three songs is not a lot to make an impression. In fact, that's barely anything at all to leave a decent mark on a perspective listener. Nine minutes and six seconds is all that Kill The Signal feels they need to whet the appetites of people for a full-length somewhere off in the horizon.

Playing mid-tempo indie rock that resides somewhere between the realms of Braid and Hot Water Music, the three songs on the band's demo are bursting with youthful enthusiasm and tight rhythms that, while not spectacular, are definitely more than par for the course. The Philadelphia three-piece knows how to create a sound larger than the number of members providing it, and the songs have a terrific feel to them. "Skeleton Key" has the more rocking side of Kill The Signal come to the forefront, with a tight chord progression and solid drumming leading the charge. The vocals are strong and effective, and just have a great feel alongside the rest of the music. The honest feel and the obvious conviction help put the songs just that one extra notch higher.

There's not a lot than can be said about just nine minutes of music. Kill The Signal's demo is certainly something worthy of attention, as I have a feeling that the band will do good things when given the opportunity to record an entire album. Talented, motivated, and with a solid understanding of what makes a good song, look for this band to go places.