MxPx - Pokinatcha (Cover Artwork)


Pokinatcha (1994)

Tooth & Nail

All right, I'm gonna keep this review short and sweet because I hate those long-winded story reviews about how when so-and-so was growing up this band was the band that helped him realize the meaning of life or punk or whatever else that I could care less about. Reviews are supposed to be straight-forward, informative, and unbiased reflections of the album. So with that said....on with the review.

MxPx is a band from Bremerton, Washington that in 1992 began molding themselves into the major-label punk powerhouse that they are today. Regardless of whether you like MxPx, you have to admit that they must be doing something right since they sell out almost every show they play and continue to maintain their status on A&M/Interscope Records. "Pokinatcha," which was put out by Tooth and Nail, was their first release and it quickly put them in the spotlight as the premier Christian punk band. With raw, powerful songs and the group's young age, MxPx was primed to become an incredible act. Pokinatcha is MxPx's hardest, fastest release and fans of old school punk will definitely appreciate this disc much more than any of the band's more recent works. Pokinatcha's not my favorite MxPx cd, but it's definitely worth the money if you enjoy raw but well-written punk rock with growling guitars and powerful lyrics. Plus Mike Herrera's voice just plain rocks.