Righteous Jams - Rage of Discipline (Cover Artwork)
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Righteous Jams

Rage of Discipline (2004)

Broken Sounds

"Awww snap!"

I don't know if people say that everywhere, but ‘round here it means "Awww yeah!"

I know it's weird, but my favorite pastime has always been listening to straight-edge hardcore and drinking. I don't even mean it in a "making fun" kind of way, it's just really fun.

My number one choice, for a long time, has usually been "In My Eyes" by Minor Threat. I love the part when he says "At least I'm fuckin' trying, what the fuck have you done?" Then I throw my can in the air and say, "I polished off this Bud!" Nothing beats those moments. It looks like there's a new boss in town, though.

Righteous Jams had me won over since the day they came up with their name. Straight-edge hardcore, 10 songs taking up only 13 minutes, and top fucking quality music. Plus, they named their album Rage of Discipline. I would have stuck with a simple 'Rage,' but than again, that would probably get them sued by Tom Morello or the dude with the tattoos. You know, it's amazing that Rage Against the Machine was able to get away with making millions of dollars on a major label deal and not be branded as hypocrites.

So back to the straight-edge drinking. Track number 5, "No Glory," goes like this: "Don't talk to me about your cheap thrills / because I know mine are better / don't talk to me about growing up / when you don't even know the first letter / don't brag to me about your fake fun / don't tell me that you think for yourself / don't tell me who is better off / because you just proved that you're all talk." Whoa, pass me the brews!

Even better, the sixth track, "Invasion," only has two lines, and you don't even need to read between them! "Invasion used to be this band / but now we're playing Righteous Jams!"

For a long time I've wanted to start a lyrically straight-edge band, but just get wasted at every show. Righteous Jams have solidified that dream.

I just got a little piece of my foot cut off at the hospital today and I have to stay off my feet for a while, so all I'm going to do for the next few days is listen to this album. When it's healed, maybe I'll go and get some more cut off so I have an excuse to do nothing else but listen to this longer.

[originally written for Europunk.net]