The Omens - Destroy the ESP (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Omens

Destroy the ESP (2005)


Vibrant. The Omens are a vibrant musical act in every sense of the word.

Packing a surprising amount of punch into a twenty two-minute body, Destroy the ESP is a jaunty, discordant, primal trip through a range of sounds and effects. Exuding a real fuzzy, post-punk feel with rock'n'roll sensibilities and cascading rhythms and grooves, all cylinders are constantly firing, and constantly propelling the band through their songs with as much talent as swagger. This is a band that will make your speakers pulsate, and will make your foot involuntarily tap.

I can't for the life of me put my finger directly on what makes this record so damn enjoyable. The rhythms, while loud and distorted, maintain an undeniable catchiness that will keep you lost in the groove. The volume on the band's amplifiers might not always be to eleven, but the energy is always peaking. "Hey Moody" shows the band at their frenetic best, with a real driving guitar line and some damn fine work on the drums to carry the groove and the song itself to the next level. Each song is able to follow up very well on the one before it, and the result is an album that flows just as well as it rocks. The rollicking grooves and air-tight rhythms could not compliment the vocals better, which range from a voice full of attitude in the singing parts to the occasional instance where the singer lets loose like a wildcat and pushes a gritty scream out of his vocal cords.

There's just no solid way to knock the band, as they have a solid grip on every possible element of their songwriting process. Their garage rock stylings coupled with an undeniable rock'n'roll groove offer more than a fair share of moments to remember. While the angular guitar work during the verses is nothing breathtaking, some of the moments that the guitarist is allowed to truly let loose on are great. Busting right out of the gate with "I Lost My Mind," the Omens waste no time in fusing together their two styles into a tight and interesting package.

While the garage rock with rock'n'roll influence tag is more than likely to incorrectly conjure assumptions about the White Stripes, this band has far more to offer than that overrated duo could muster. This is definitely a band to keep your eyes out for; give this a try.