All That Remains - This Darkened Heart (Cover Artwork)

All That Remains

This Darkened Heart (2004)


Hell yeah! I heard two songs and decided to pick this up and am extremely happy I did, because there isn't anything noteably bad about this album. Fronted by former Shadows Fall vocalist Phillip Labonte, All That Remains amaze me.

The lead guitar work is awesome and the rhythm guitar is slick as well. I really like the drum work here, but the bass doesn't really get a large role. I also like the sparingly used clean vocals and acoustic guitar to not only serve as an interlude between songs, but add contrast. But personally all of that, including the solid vocals, are stale in comparison to what the true magic of All That Remains has: The solos. Herbert and Martin rip through around eight solos on the album including double solos on several tracks ("And Death in My Arms," "The Deepest Gray," "Vicious Betrayal.") and all of them kick serious ass. It's not just that they sound good, it's that the fit the mood of the music and atmosphere of the lyrics and fit in well; they're not just thrown in there. The solos really kick ass on the first three songs, especially in "Vicious Betrayal." It's kind of sad that they used "This Darkened Heart" as their second single as it's a more metalcore song without a solo and isn't as good as any of the songs with a solo. The parts between the solos are great, but they lack the power and feeling of the solos and this slightly hurts the songs as you feel like you waiting for the solos, which isn't a bad thing.

Overall, This Darkened Heart is an amazing album worth any penny you can spend on it.