Drowningman - Rock and Roll Killing Machine (Cover Artwork)


Rock and Roll Killing Machine (2000)


Man, what a fuckin record.....D-man is one of the most innovative and unique hardcore bands out there today. And this record speaks of them no less.

This record carries on their trademark sarcasm, and being able to throw lots of melody in while retaining the hard, fast, pace they are known for. The band is also known for their incredibly long song also sarcastic song titles. For example "the truly dangerous nature of a man who dosent care if he lives or dies" or "if god loves a winner he's going to want to fuck me in a minute" with titles like that how could you not love this band.

I've just discovered them recently and there quickly becoming one of my favorite hardcore bands....Im always up for something different, and d-man is definitley different. I had the chance to see them at hellfest, and holy fuck they blew all the other bands away...seriously. This isnt their best album, but still one awesome CD to say the least.

You really NEED to check out this band...I think it will appeal to you in one way or another...and if you own this check out "how they light cigarettes in prison" "busy signal at the suicide hotline" or the brand new ep "drowningman: still loves you"

Standout songs...."when people become numbers" "code breaking hearts" "my first restraining order" ahhh hell, just go buy it and you will see what I mean.