Strung Out - live in Vancouver (Cover Artwork)

Strung Out

live in Vancouver (2005)

live show


It's a sad day when a band as amazing as Strung Out rolls into town with Bane and Comeback Kid and the show isn't even sold out.

The venue was the Croatian Culture Center, which isn't bad, but the sound can sometimes be atrocious. Bane and Comeback Kid both had vocal problems due to the aforementioned sound, but they pretty much got it sorted out for Strung Out. Or at least, I really didn't care and everyone sang along drowning out the vocals a lot of the time anyways.

They began the show with "Analog," including the sample of which starts the CD. It was a varied mix similar to Live in a Dive. The sound was pretty good, and everyone was super tight. Jason didn't do too much talking in between, but the whole band seemed to be pretty into it. My only complaint was that they didn't play "Somnombulance;" however, they did play "Jackie-O," which made up for it, and closed the encore with "Bring Out Your Dead," which made the evening that much better. I left with no voice, completely covered in other people's bodily fluids, and had a ringing noise in my ears for three days. I will never miss another Strung Out show.

Set list included in no order:

  • Analog
  • Blueprint of the Fall
  • Her Name in Blood
  • Cult of the Sub...
  • Unkoil
  • Razor Sex
  • Bring Out Your Dead (encore)
  • Jackie-O (AMAZING)
  • Savant (encore)
  • Too Close to See
  • Virgina Madison
  • Mind of My Own
  • Ultimate Devotion
  • Tattoo (apparently the 5th time they've ever played it live)
  • Matchbook (closer)
  • Monster (I might be wrong, though)
  • Population Control
  • Lost Motel (AMAZING)
As usual, Jason sweated like it was going out of style.