Aiden - Nightmare Anatomy (Cover Artwork)


Nightmare Anatomy (2005)


Cool, My Chemical Romance broke up, got some more talented musicians and put out a new CD. Wait? This isn't My Chemical Romance? Nope, it's just a cheap Victory knock-off that's bound to earn them some money. At least they are able to surpass the band they try to rip off, but then again, that bar wasn't set too high.

Aiden's Nightmare Anatomy has so much in common with My Chemical Romance it isn't funny. Each band is made up of a group of young 20 something's, each wear makeup, and each try to convey some aspect of the Hot Topic mall goth scene. Unlike the band they try to cash in on, though, Aiden is actually a better band. Musically, it is mainly a complete borefest, but on tracks like "Die Romantic," they have a technical opening riff that makes the track enjoyable at the beginning. On tracks like "Goodbye We're Falling Fast," Wil's vocals are actually somewhat catchy and, dare I say, enjoyable. "Knife Blood Nightmare" starts off well with some nice guitar work and mixes some solid screams while staying catchy at the chorus and is one of the best tracks on the album.

The problem is those are only three songs and there's an entire disc left to listen to. Throughout the rest of Nightmare Anatomy, the songs are filled with cookie-cutter riffs, non-existent bass, and terrible vocals. As if Wil's voice wasn't hard enough to listen to through most of the CD, his lyrics are extremely clichéd and it's hard not to laugh at the shout-along portion of "See You in Hell."

Aiden's Nightmare Anatomy does have its rare moments, but in the end, it just isn't cutting it. It feels like they went out and really tried on 3-4 songs and then just decided to fill the rest of the album with generic riffs, clichéd lyrics, forced shouting, and terrible clean vocals. But on a label where bands like Hawthorne Heights do well, it's no surprise to me that Aiden's Victory debut will sell well.

The true nightmares begin when you buy the record.