The Sleeping - Believe What We Tell You (Cover Artwork)

The Sleeping

Believe What We Tell You (2004)

One Day Savior

I have to say, not a lot of bands catch my attention these days. But the Sleeping have done just that. It's not like they have anything new to bring to the table. But what they do, they do it so well.

I basically bought this record because I heard that they had ex-skycamefalling members. My hopes weren't too high; boy, was I surprised.

The Sleeping integrate pop and hardcore seemlessly. Some people find the breakdowns in some songs to be a little out of place, yet I find it to be a nice asset to the songs. They also use a little bit of keyboard, which isn't too noticeable but it helps make the rhythm a little more flavorful when it's used.

The first half of the CD is basically softer, more melodic tunes, with "Sunday Matinee (Reel to Reel)" being a little more upbeat than the few tracks that follow after. I love the way they shout out "666" in "The Big Breakdown Day 1." This is where they really show off their poppy/rock side on the first half of the CD.

The last half of the CD is where they really start to kick it up. The second hafl is introduced by a song called "If Your Heart Was Broken You Would Be Dead," which starts off with children chanting the title of the track. Then all of a sudden, vocalist Doug comes in with the children and fiercely yells the same lyric. As Doug is yelling his plea, it is accompanied by an almost two minute-long breakdown which changes its rhythm three or four different times. I find it brilliant. All the songs after that are basically more upbeat versions of the first songs with some breakdowns thrown in.

Overall, I enjoyed this CD a lot. I listened to it constantly when I got it and it continues to be played all the time.

Plus the little hidden track at the end is quite humorous.

Favorite Track: "One Flight One Flame"