Lorene Drive - Romantic Wealth (Cover Artwork)

Lorene Drive

Romantic Wealth (2005)


What do you think of when you hear "post-hardcore R&B?" I get visions of a band seriously getting down to some music that is both adventurous and rocking while a composed front-man shows off an impressive vocal range and a penchant for harmonies. What I don't think of is the emo vocals meet hardcore-on-the-cusp-of-being-modern-rock sound of Lorene Drive.

When a press release boasts such an unexpected pairing as post-hardcore and R&B, my ears tingle with anticipation for something fresh. Unfortunately after the first few tracks of Romantic Wealth my ears had gone from anticipation to attempted shutdown.

By now you should know the sound, and if not just check out a few bands on Purevolume's main page to get the idea. Or if you'd rather not subject yourself to that, then just think highly produced music that seems to owe more to hard rock than punk with vocals that are either nasal or whiny.

These guys aren't incompetent; in fact, they must have dog-eared copies of the songwriter's handbook laying around, because they've got a solid formula down. The problem is they don't stray from that archetype, but instead treat their listeners like they all have heart conditions and the slightest surprise could send them off to the emergency room.

Lorene Drive would be better off if they were simply upfront about what they are. Maybe a press release that stated "Lots of singing, some screaming," or "Heavily produced guitar parts that could easily sneak past the guards of modern rock radio" would work. Hell, even "A less talented Glassjaw" would be more appropriate than "post-hardcore R&B," and besides, did we really need yet another genre?