Strung out - The Skinny Years: Before We Go (Cover Artwork)

Strung out

The Skinny Years: Before We Go (1992)

Fat Wreck Chords

When I first noticed this CD in a shop, I saw that there was no Fat logo on the back, infact no record label at all.I took my time before I came back with my hard earned money, and when I asked one FAT employee, she said that Fat Mike wasn't too happy with this recording, and he simply didn't want to do any publication for this re-release of an old strung out material.It was released in 1999/2000 depends on where you live.

The title, "The skinny years...Before we got Fat" says it all.It was recorded in '92, as a 4 piece band.Jason and Rob are the only ones in the current line up that were in the band for this recording.Jim left Strung out two years ago, and Jordan replaced Adam on drums soon after this recording.

CD starts with "Thru your fingers", which can easily describe the rest of the album.If you own Another day in paradise, then just imagine less sounding quality album, but musically not much in between those two."Support you troops" is somewhat Jason's attempt to do a political song, and the song is preety good.It is slower and more melodic.Other standouts includ "Perfect World", which is one of the best on this album.Good look at the modern World and just how lazy we've become: "Who needs books when you've got tv, you don't need to read with your vcr, who needs to cook we got the microwave , you don't need to walk when you've got a car". "I am not afraid" is faster and cathy song, another classic. "Strung out" and "Disneyland" follow the path. "Childish games" has to be the best song on this record.It is full of melodies, tempo changes, and this is where you get to see Jason's promising vocal abilities for the first time. The skinny years finishes perfectly with "I Awake".

All in all, I needed a couple of weeks to get itno it.It may seem kinda boring at first, but after a couple of days, you might like it.I recommend it to any Strung out fan that likes Another day in paradise, or early pennywise albums.