The Grillers - Soundwaves and Sunsets (Cover Artwork)

The Grillers

Soundwaves and Sunsets (2003)

Smeared Ink

Where to start, hmmmm. Well, the Grillers the best band i have ever seen live, and this album needs to be reviewed.

With 8 tracks logging in a little over a half-hour, this album has blown me away. This band has 3 guitars and 3 members singing and a rythm section that tears you apart from start to end. The guitars are so thick and weird but good throughout. I can't pin point their sound, but it's original. LostProphets meets NOFX is the only thing I can come up with.

Standout tracks include "Temp Disconnected," "Summers Gone," and the gritty "Chopper," with great production from the band themselves and engineering by Arun Venkatesh. This band is New Jersey's most important unsigned band. They have been around for years and keep killing the Garden State's punk scene. One example is when MTV made the Clycaps, who came in second place in the Battle of the Bands, outdone by the Grillers, who took home first. So for anyone sick of the same screamo we have been getting for the past year or two, this is a nice change.