The Disables - The Lackey Country (Cover Artwork)

The Disables

The Lackey Country (2003)


Being a citizen of Brisbane, Australia, it comes with great pride reviewing a local band's music, and one of my all-time favourite local Brisbane bands has got to be the Disables.

The band's debut EP, entitled The Lackey Country, is a slice of oi! / street punk with a good message. The production is very raw, which gives it a more homemade punk feel, and the music is fast and melodic enough to make you wanna jump up off your seat and mosh. Speaking of moshing, this is one of the best bands i've ever seen live (and they live like 20 minutes from me; life is good). It makes you wanna share the music with as many people as possible, which is exactly what I plan on doing now.

"Vulture Street" is a great first song, it really gets you in the mood and leaves you wanting more. This is followed by "Who Put a Dimmer Switch on Our Future," probably the most inspired song of the lot, maybe also the most catchy. Then comes "The Lackey Country," which is a reference to Australia of course; I guess we're seen as sort of the underdog; "We're not gonna be your whore!" is proclaimed. It's followed by "This is Your Life," an anthemic tune of depicting a very bored, lifeless punk. The next two songs, "36 Month Detention" and "All Bets Are Off," finish off the EP, with more of the same spirited punk rock.

This EP has left me counting the days for the debut album, but until that wonderful day comes, The Lackey Country will have a very nice time spinning around in my CD player. CHECK IT OUT, discover music outside your own country; you will not regret it.