Anatomy of a Ghost - Evanesce (Cover Artwork)

Anatomy of a Ghost

Evanesce (2003)



I am surprised no one has written a review for this CD. I think that Anatomy of a Ghost were an underrated band that perhaps deserved more recognition than they got.

The band has had a somewhat tumultuous time since the release of this CD; they broke up and then decided to get back together three months later in early 2005 more or less as Portugal: The Man.

I doubt the band would've gone anywhere, and nor will they now, but that should not detract from the quality of this particular CD. While it has its hits and misses, it is still enjoyable and I can listen to it all the way through without the skip button. It's a CD that I pull out when i want something different. There is something that separates Anatomy of a Ghost from the other bands out there (I'm sure a lot of people don't agree, though).

This CD, like most out there, has its ups and downs. The band has great songs such as "On to Morning Stars," "Set the Stage," "Steetlights, Empty Wells," "Since Yesterday" and "Satellites in Fists," but the album misses the target a little with songs such as the opening track, "Birth of a Mile," and "Beauty is in Its Embrace."

At times it is really difficult to understand the singer, John. After listening to this album thinking you know what he's singing about, and then analyzing the liner notes, the real lyrics are totally different to what you thought they were (does that make sense?).

While I'm on the subject of lyrics...the majority of the lyrics on Evanesce are pretty weird and out there. They don't seem to be attached to reality in anyway at all; I'm sure there is some deep artistic meaning in there. Perhaps only the members of Anatomy of a Ghost undersand, e.g. "opened the sky branches cartoon greeting." I'm not sure what all that is about.

John at times also seems way off pitch when he's singing, which irritates me, but you might be fine with it. Maybe that's the band trying to be emo.

Anatomy of a Ghost (for those who have never heard them) sound a little like Coheed and Cambria and I have also heard them compared to Thursday, but I don't really like making comparisons. Anatomy of a Ghost are a band in their own right.

In any case, i think this CD is really, really good. To be fair, I don't think these guys sound a lot like any other bands around (I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with that comment, though). I would thoroughly suggest picking up this CD. Anatomy of a Ghost is a band that you will either love or hate. If Claudio from C&C's voice irritates you, I'd give this one a miss, but if you enjoy emo / melodic hardcore, this is probably a good buy for you. I like it, anyway...