Queens of the Stone Age - Rated R (Cover Artwork)

Queens of the Stone Age

Rated R (2000)


I noticed there was not a single QOTSA review on the site, and for open-minded individuals like us I felt knowledge of this album had to be shared. Sure, I hated this band when Songs for The Deaf was all over the radio and TV, but since then my tastes have matured and blues-influenced rock has become an essential part of my collection. Don't kid yourself though, as this album is anything but that, with styles as varying as the musicians themselves. Spawned from Josh Homme's relatively overlooked yet brilliant work in Desert Sessions, many artists from several backgrounds have come forth to be a part of this project.

For fans of Screaming Trees, Kyuss, Dwarves and good alt-rock, pick this up immediately. It's a tough listen at points, but when this album slowly seeps into your subconcious you'll find yourself singing this shit at work. This record's a trip; I do not recommend using this album while operating heavy machinery.