Dangerous Darrin - Revenge of Chicken McNuggets (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Dangerous Darrin

Revenge of Chicken McNuggets (2001)


There is a point where all these side projects of successful bands get to be ridiculous. The New Amsterdams are pretty bland, but I can live with it. Reggie & The Full Effect are pointless, but write good pop songs. Dangerous Darrin, most famous for being the drummer of seminal ska/punk band Goldfinger, is just downright stupid. And he makes no claims otherwise. He even states within the liner notes to "please don't take this seriously, cause I don't." The CD itself contains 31 punk rock diddies, with all instruments played by Darrin himself, and all songs penned by him, with the exception of 2 covers [Dayglo Abortions and Fleetwood Mac -- that'd be a tour to go see]. With titles like "Sneezing Rules," "The Only Man I'd Have Sex With,"[an ode to Wayne Gretsky] "I Kant Spel", and the soon-to-be classic "Argh Fuck Kill," you know exactly what you're getting here. But, to be honest, they're not all just stupid songs. Sure, the music is neanderthal at best, but songs like "What Did Kurt See In Courtney" and "MTV Has Changed" will make you laugh regardless while nodding your head in assent to the lyrics. And in addition, even though Darrin tries his hardest to be "punk rock," a ton of these tracks have more hooks than an NSYNC song. This CD is perfect driving music, letting you scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs while pumping your fist in the air or playing drums on your steering wheel. As an added bonus, all lyrics are printed in the booklet, although in all fairness, you could probably just hear the song titles, make up your own lyrics, and be 99% on with Darrin's. This isn't something for everyone, but it can be very enjoyable. The hardest part will be tracking one down -- they're only available through his webpage. Good luck.

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