Various - American Pie 2 (Cover Artwork)


American Pie 2 (2001)


The new teen comedy American Pie 2, simply put, has one of the best movie soundtracks I've ever heard.

It includes lots of great punk and pop-punk songs, some of them old favorites, and some new unreleased songs. This soundtrack also has introduced me to the punk bands Left Front Tire, and Jettingham. Out of the fifteen tracks, eight of them are punk, which makes this soundtrack worth reviewing, I think. And here are those nine songs, one by one:

1. "Everytime I Look For You"--blink-182: One of the best and catchiest songs from the band's "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket." CD.

2. "Scumbag"--Green Day: This is a song that was originally included on their "Warning Pt. 1" single. It's quick and catchy, and the guitars and vocals sound great.

3. "Bring You Down"--Left Front Tire: Definitely one of my favorite songs on this CD, and it's also included on LFT's CD, "Social Icon" (2000). This was the first LFT song I'd ever heard, and it's fantastic. All the instruments sound great, as do the vocals. I really like the lead singer's voice.

4. "Good (For A Woman")--Alien Ant Farm: This is a brand new song from the punk/metal band. It's not as good as their popular singles, "Movies," and "Smooth Criminal," but it's still a well-done song.

5. "Cheating"--Jettingham: I don't much like the lead singer's voice, but the song is a very catchy pop-punk tune.

6. "Smokescreen"--Flying Blind: An extremely catchy and poppy song that starts and slows down a few times during the song, which I found kind of creative.

7. "Phoebe Cates"--Fenix*TX: One of the best songs from "Lechuza," and it fits this soundtrack better then any other songs from that CD. I really like the lyrics, and the chorus is great.

8. "Fat Lip"--Sum 41: A big hit that is currently one of my favorite songs. No pop-punk fan could hate this song.

So there you have it. Eight great songs that help make this one of my favorite movie soundtracks ever. And by the way, it also includes great music from alternative rock bands American Hi-Fi, 3 Doors Down, Oleander, The Exit, and others.

So, if your a fan of pop-punk, or at least modern rock, you definitely should check out this soundtrack as soon as possible. It definitely won't be leaving my CD player for a while.