Henry Rollins - A Rollins In The Wry (Cover Artwork)

Henry Rollins

A Rollins In The Wry (2000)


This cd is a new spoken word by one of punk's largest icons Henry Rollins. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that he has a way with words. On this cd Henry rants and raves about such diverse topics as Clinton's use of language, the rainbow flag, the holy land, growing up, and being a parent.

Overall he has some funny insights into this topics, the best was talking about being the first generation that will be more hardcore than thier parents and thier children. He has a very powerful delivery that makes you want to listen. On some of the topics he seems to get distraced eaisily and will jump from topic to topic until finally returning to what he was talking about in the begining. If you've ever seen him speak or have heard any of his other spoken word stuff you know what i mean.

If you're a fan of Rollins stuff, or just like to hear someone expressing thier views and opinions without resevations this is deffintly an album to get. If you're new to Rollins and his abrasive style, i recomend his spoken word masterpiece "Think Tank." (just a side note, I hope that Rollins isnt writting his own material on Night Visions. The show is good, but his comments after each one are just dumb, the producers should let him write his own)