The Unseen - The Anger and the Truth (Cover Artwork)

The Unseen

The Anger and the Truth (2001)


The Unseen are actually a pretty well known band. Hailing from Boston, they have been around the oi/street punk scene for almost 10 years. I'm sure you guys have scene the gritty punks at your school sporting their patches or shirts. Their popularity has risen tremendously since touring with Anti-Flag (I went to the show and the blew Anti-Flag away, crazy set). They sport the red mohaks, spikes, and leather, and look like genuine dirty street punks, but do they play how they look?

Sorry for the history lesson but the people that don't know about this band need to be informed. If you're sick of mellow punk with beautiful slow voices then The Unseen will fix this right up. They don't just throw songs together full of messy riffs and of beat vocals. These guys are actually talented. If you're a fan of Anti-Flag (fast music, with sing along choruses) you'll love these guys. If you added Good Riddance and Anti-Flag together this is what you would get.

The Anger and the Truth confronts many topics that I think should actually be agknowleged. The song "Where Have You Gone" is something I often want to tell former punks who just brisk through the scene like it was just a trend. Here's an excerpt- "I've seen so many kids over the years, a few years come and go and they disappear, punk rock is not a trend its a fucking life style, yet so many fade out after a while, when you grew up and deserted the scene found the american nightmare is the american dream, your idea changed as you matured and grew, the system you despised now controls you" Wow. I mean please guys, the reason we come to this site is not for the enjoyment of one day. I'ts about punk rock. So we're here now and let's stick with it!

In closing, if you want catchy choruses, gang vocals, an Oi band that actually plays well together, and just a fun record, get anger and the truth. It'll give you a quick swift kick in the ass after all these awesome but overbearing pop-punk, emo records have been put out.