Marigold - Audible to Animals (Cover Artwork)


Audible to Animals (2005)


Ray Harkins

The words fresh, new and exciting are often used to describe bands or records that really convey a sense of originality, creativity and unique thought going into it. More often than not these days, when record labels are trying to creatively market the band put them in the "original and fresh" category when really they are just rehashing the same stuff that has been done earlier on that year. Granted it becomes difficult when the musical spectrum has become so stretched that stepping out of what is considered "normal" means that you have no cohesive song structure.

Marigold I have to admit fall into the uniquely original category. Featuring Vadim Taver of This Day Forward fame on vocals and lead guitar, Marigold sound somewhat in line with what Sunny Day Real Estate was doing on their later records mixed with a little Helmet and later This Day Forward. How's that for a combo? Be forewarned though, their music is ten times better in a live setting than this record. My largest complaint on this debut full-length is the actual recording. J. Robbins was at the helm and for one reason or another, fell asleep at the wheel. The vocals are extremely loud, the guitars sound like they fall into the background and it just sounds unbalanced.

Audible to Animals is a very ambitious and creative thrust into this day and age where you have to fit a certain mold in order to become musically successful, and I feel that with subsequent records Marigold will be able to harness their amazing live show onto tape (which is always a difficult task). For now, this is a great purchase to get familiar with their songs, but don't rely on it to convince you to like them; go to a show for that.