Randy - The Human Atom Bombs (Cover Artwork)
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The Human Atom Bombs (2001)

Burning Heart

For several years now I've been hearing a small buzz on this group from Sweden, oddly named "Randy". After listening to the likes of No Fun at All, Millencolin, and Bombshell Rocks; I wasn't quite sure if I was excited or overburdened. Over the past few years its been a very heavy Euro-punk invasion that has left me confused as to my position on Euro-Swede-Punk. So, because of this obnoxious outlook I passed on giving Randy an honest listen and shoved them to the side of my prestigious "bands to listen to" list.

Fast forward to 2001. I'm perusing through the Epitaph webpage and to my astonishment I learn that Randy has signed to Burning Heart. Well, not that surprised. Swede band-Burning Heart....you do the math. So I download the entire album (via emusic.com, so yes the band does get $ for the transaction) on a rainy Saturday afternoon. As the beginning of "Addicts of Communication" starts, I have a Clash flashback. What the hell? This is not your normal Swede-Pop-Punk. To say that Randy has been greatly influenced by the likes of The Clash and The Buzzcocks is gross understatement of their musical concept. Fueled by powerful politically charged lyrics, Randy delivers their feelings of anarchy in a swagger that has not been heard for some time. Normally, I tend to shy away from bands that use political themes are their musical focal point. Randy, however, breaks many barriers and norms that this genre usually stereotypes as politically motivated.

Tracks like 'Karl Marx and History', 'Proletarian Hop' and 'Freedom Song' capture the ideas conveyed throughout the album in perfect form. Other songs such as 'Summer of Bros', 'Shape Up' and 'Rockin' Pneumonia and Punkrock Flu' display a classic ideology in punk; rock the house. Although I have never heard the previous releases by Randy, which makes it difficult to make an honest comparison basis, I can without question say that if they resemble "The Human Atom Bombs" they will certainly become instantaneous favorites in the weekly rotation of my music collection.