Monet.Madrid.Madagascar. - If Manatees Had Trunks (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


If Manatees Had Trunks (2005)


This band is indeed as pretentious as their name suggests. Yeah. It sounds like cabaret music á la Barry Manilow doing Copacabana mixed with nü-prog. A mixture of keys, energetic drums, annoying vocals, guitars, and bass, this band (I refuse to repeat their name) has diverse musicianship, but not really any diverse or new ideas.

In fact, I truly think that the Mars Volta slaughtered this genre with De-loused in the Comatorium. That album turned tons of heads and blew minds everywhere, and now most people are just tired and bored of it. Lofty, spacey, echoey guitar effects and up-tempo hooks with atmospheric breakdowns just don't excite me like they used to. Did anyone ever feel like they would get bored with extremely complicated and complex music? It just doesn't seem like it has any soul. I could listen to the Ramones' self-titled debut over and over again no matter how simplistic it is because it has a heart to it. It's got something that interests me musically.

Now this is just going to turn into a huge Ramones debate. Regardless, this album has eight songs from two minutes-long to six and a half minutes, though most ride along the five-minute mark. They have clever titles like "Hello Dali," and "John Wilkes Beatbox," but that doesn't make me like them any better either. I'm sorry, but I'm just burnt out on this silly pretentious attitude.